A father holds his young child as medical staff listen to the childs chest
A Syrian father watches as Turkish medical staff examine his child who has developed breathing difficulties. © UNHCR/ A.Branthwaite

Supporting Refugee health



STARTTS (NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) provides culturally relevant psychological treatment and support, and community interventions, to help people and communities heal from torture and refugee trauma and rebuild their lives in Australia.

STARTTS provides tailored programs and services for children and young people.

STARTTS School Program

STARTTS works in close partnership with the education systems and directly with school communities through their Schools Program. This program is making STARTTS services more accessible to refugee young people as well as providing advice and assistance to teachers, school counsellors and other student welfare personnel.

STARTTS often uses creative arts and sports programs to connect with groups of children and young people. These include soccer (football) programs, camps and art groups. STARTTS also works closely with parents, schools.

Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music and dance. It promotes empowerment, respect, self awareness and development of individual strengths while being a member of the group – all important elements for a young person who is coming to terms with trauma.

Sporting Linx

Sporting linx is a sports leadership program for refugee youth that uses sport as a tool to promote individual skills development, healthy lifestyle options and community connectedness. The program is coordinated with the assistance of volunteer professional coaches and mentors, parents and interested community members so that it can be sustainable.

ArtS Connect

Arts Connect workshops focused on drama, dance, singing and art to help young refugees in Granville, NSW develop a sense of their own identity and belief.

Treehouse Theatre Mentoring Program

The Treehouse Theatre Mentoring Program provides a platform for young refugees to share their life stories. Through group story telling in a live public theatre performance, young refugees share their personal stories with friends, family and the wider community. The program aims to help instil confidence and wellbeing to the participants and to educate the broader community on the importance of supporting one another and welcoming those who are new to Australia.