Teaching ideas

Lesson 3: Young people and human rights

Learning outcome

Participants will learn about the different types of children?s rights that affect refugees in Australia.

Lesson resources

Step 1. Human rights brainstorm

Ask students to brainstorm the basic human rights that we enjoy in Australia (shelter, access to food, education/ health care).

Step 2. Rights of the Child
  • Show students the child rights photo story from the UNICEF website.
  • UNICEF » Education resources » Photo stories » What are child rights?
    • For more information Child Rights refer to UNICEF Australia » Discover » What We Do » Rights of the Child.
  • Which rights relate to children?s health? (Teachers refer to Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child)
  • Draw 5 columns on a page with the titles as below. Choose one or two case studies from the website Roads to Refuge » Refugees in Australia » Supporting refugees » Health.
  • Make a note in each column about whether or not that person in the case study experienced the right to adequate health care.
Person Home country Country of first asylum Journey Settlement

Step 3. DVD
  • Watch the DVD Roads to Refuge » Refugees in Australia » Health.
  • What type of health care is available in NSW for refugees?
  • What programs does the NSW Refugee Health Service provide (as outlined in the DVD clip)?
Step 4. Writing

Design a brochure for refugee families, explaining the type of health programs available in the community. Highlight the benefits for refugee students and families on being involved.