Teaching ideas

Lesson 1: Supporting refugees

Learning outcome

Participants will develop understanding of government programs that support refugees in Australia.

Lesson resources

Step 1. Human rights brainstorm

Ask students to brainstorm the basic human rights that we enjoy in Australia (shelter, access to food, education/ health care).

Ask students to consider which of these rights refugees and asylum seekers either have access to, or are denied.

Step 2. Investigation

Ask students to review the website Roads to Refuge » Refugees in Australia » Supporting refugees.

Divide students into groups and allocate each group a section of the Supporting refugees pages (On arrival, Education, Health, Communities).
Each group investigate and report back on:

  • the role that each sector plays in supporting and promoting the rights of asylum seekers and refugees
  • the types of programs and partnerships that exist to support refugees.
Step 3. Refugee experiences

Students use the experiences provided in the corresponding Our experiences and DVD sections, to think about the support that was provided for each person/ family.

Students make a presentation to the class, or create a text for a local media publication such as: