Teaching ideas


Lesson 2: Community investigation

Learning outcome

Participants will develop understanding of the settlement support network in their local community.

Lesson resources

Refugees in Australia

Step 1. Watch DVD

Students watch the DVD Roads to Refuge » Supporting refugee communities.

Step 2. Brainstorm

Investigating community services – Your school principal school has asked you to provide an overview of community support services for refugees that could assist the school in supporting their refugee students and families.

Ask students to brainstorm a list of organisations that could be included. Students can refer to the website Roads to Refuge » Supporting refugees » Community to identify refugee service providers and services provided locally by different organisations and networks.

Step 3. Investigate

Ask students to review the website Roads to Refuge » Refugees in Australia » Supporting refugees

Divide students into groups and allocate each group a section of the Supporting refugees pages (On arrival, Education, Health, Communities). Ask each group to investigate local organisations and initiatives that support asylum seekers and refugees.

Step 4. Report

Ask students to report on their findings to the class and present these to the principal:

  • Identify services for refugee communities in the local area
  • Suggest the most relevant services for a young person
  • Suggest two services that would be helpful to the school