Teaching ideas


Lesson 3: Settlement pathways

Learning outcome

Participants will develop an understanding of some different settlement pathways chosen by people from refugee backgrounds in Australia.

Lesson resources

Step 1. Brainstorm

Ask students to imagine that they have just arrived in Australia as a refugee and need to find work.

  • What type of work would you look for?
  • Where would you look for work?
  • What skills and experience would you need for work?

Step 2. Refugee experiences

Ask students to read about the Settlement pathways of Youl, Roderick and Aduc.

  • What educational and career path has each person followed in Australia?
  • Why do you think each of the characters chose that particular pathway?
  • What personal qualities do the characters have in common?

Step 3. DVD Roads to Refuge

Ask students to view the DVD Roads to Refuge » Refugee settlement

  • What career pathways have Riz, Nooria and Zainab chosen to follow in Australia?
  • What contributions are they making to Australian society?

Step 4. Reflect

Do the experiences of refugees (above) support any of the myths about refugees and asylum seekers? Why/ Why not?